Our Reports & The Tools We Use

Parkman Home Inspections, LLC uses the very latest technology in the Inspection, Report Generation, and Report Delivery processes!

We are very proud to announce our selection of the HomeGauge Reporting System as the tool of choice at Parkman Home Inspections, LLC. As a leader in the Home Inspection software business, HomeGauge develops, sells, and services computer software for use by thousands of Home Inspectors in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Because the HomeGauge system generates reports in HTML (the language of all web pages), you DON’T have to download the report, add it as an attachment to an e-mail, or use a document viewer (Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat) to see it!

You will never have to copy, FAX, e-mail, or Overnight a report again!

Onboard Global Positioning System (GPS) Dispatch!

GPS-Dash-ViewAgain, another first!

At Parkman Home Inspections, we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to bring you the BEST in quality and service. In keeping with that commitment, our extensive technical research has led us to our latest addition — Global Positioning System (GPS) dispatch and navigation!

Using the Garmin GPS 18 USB satellite sensor and mobile nRoute laptop software, we are able to quickly and easily dispatch to any inspection address with pinpoint accuracy! Improved precision, turn by turn voice prompts, and on the spot rerouting means on time arrival and more time inspecting, not sitting in traffic.

Depend on Parkman Home Inspections to continually bring you the latest in technology and service excellence!

GPS 18 and nRoute are Registered Trademarks of Garmin International, Inc., a world leader in navigation and communication.

Radon Testing Equipment and our NEHA-NRPP Certification

misurazione-radiazioni-e-perm-radon-thoronParkman Home Inspections does it again!

We never rest until we find the perfect solution to our customers’ needs. We have recently received multiple calls from clients requesting a radon test in their home. Our focus, as always, is “if we are going to do it, we are going to do it right.”

As a result, we searched the countryside seeking the best training and equipment that the nation has to offer in residential radon measurement. For the training, we chose the EPA’s Southern Regional Radon Training Center at Auburn University. For the equipment, we selected the “E-Perm” Electret Ion Chamber system from Rad Elec, Inc.

Measuring radon gas in the home is an exact science. Specific protocols and Quality Assurance steps must be taken to ensure accurate and meaningful measurements. The measurement device itself should be sensitive enough to measure low levels of radon (<0.5 pCi/l) while also providing duplicate measurements for Quality Control. The Rad Elec E-Perms do all of this and more!

Plus, the E-Perm system provides same-day results (typically after 48 hours of data collection)! No more mailing packages to labs and waiting days for results. How’s that for turn-around time!

In addition, a radon measurement professional should be certified in the radon testing protocols established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The National Environmental Health Association’s (NEHA) National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) administers the nationally recognised EPA-approved exam for radon professionals. NEHA certification ensures your professional is qualified to take a radon measurement in your home. We are pleased to report that Parkman Home Inspections has successfully completed NEHA-NRPP Certification.

Call us today to schedule a radon test in your home.

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